I was doing a little blog hopping (one of my favorite past times now) and found this wonderful article over at KidSmartLiving that I thought you’d enjoy.  They talk about making your Thanksgiving table kid friendly but still festive (great pictures) and fun!

You can read the article when you CLICK HERE

Some things I’d add to the mix to help make this Thanksgiving fun for your toddlers and preschoolers:

Practice beforehand – do a lunch run through a few times of setting a nice table, serving a meal, saying grace (if that’s not something you normally do before a meal but you decide to do at Thanksgiving) so that your young children are prepared for what’s coming up.

Let them decorate – Kids love crafts in general so let them make those “hand turkeys” and other fun crafts to decorate the table or the house.

Get the kids involved in the prep as much as they’re able – have them stir the mushroom soup into the green bean casserole, etc, so that they can feel proud of making something to contribute to the dinner.  Let them help set the table (the unbreakables) or be in charge of greeting the guests as they come to the door.  The more your young ones are involved, the more they’ll appreciate the day themselves!

Most of all, make the day special and your children will feel special too!

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