As you know, one of the best ways for young children to memorize almost anything (actually, adults too) is to tie the memory items to music. My girls learned all the states and capitols in a very short time when I purchased some audio CDs with songs taking them through the entire United States – each of the borders and through the middle. It was great and I was able to learn right along with them!

Scripture memory has always been an important part of our lives and I’ve found a wonderful new resource for Christian parents who are looking to help their little ones start on the adventure of memorizing key verses of scripture – plus it also helps them learn their ABC’s! I wish this would have been around when my girls were little!


I had the chance to listen to these great songs and see the wonderful parent’s guide that goes along with them. Not only will your children love to listen to and sing along with the beautiful songs, you’ll have some tips on how to reinforce the message of each of the verses with very specific ideas and activities and talking points.

Make sure you visit the Sonbeams website and click on the banner for the ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs to find out more and hear some of the samples of the songs. They’ve also got a great 26 week preschool lesson plan that looks great for your little ones! Make sure you check it out!

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