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I have so many fond memories of springtime it’s hard to pinpoint favorites. The first crocus leaves peeking through the cold ground? Looking out the window to find the first robin red-breast frolicking among the juncos, finches and chickadees in the back yard? Searching for a fun bonnet for easter?

Perhaps all of these things tied together make for the joyous memories that fill my mind every year at this time.

Probably my favorite thing when my daughters were young was shopping for those adorable dresses. Sigh. Even now when we walk into the department store we ooh and ahh over the frills, ruffles and tulle that make up those sweet dresses. My girls adored them. They still do, in fact. They don’t, however, wait until spring to search the stores – often they’ll make their own or find treasures at the thrift stores. Then they wear them throughout the year.

I can remember distinctly my oldest daughter’s first dress and bonnet. Perhaps it’s because of the adorable photo that we have of her in it (with live bunny rabbits no less) but I think even without that photo, her cuteness would never be forgotten. Instead of the traditional springtime pastels, I found a dress in navy blue with a white collar and polka dots. The hat was white with the matching blue and white polka dot trim along the brim. With her big dark eyes and sweet smile she was just picture perfect. I may be just a bit biased but I was convinced that the photographer wanted to keep her in the studio as long as possible because she was just so cute. Even the bunnies liked her. Ahhh, such good memories.

My second daughter had an equally adorable spring dress that was more colorful with bright flowers and white ruffle trim. While I do not think they would pick similar fabric patterns today, as teenagers they still love ruffles and lace. I believe they always will and I’m eager to see what their future weddings will bring in terms of both the wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses.

But, I digress – which is easy to do when going down memory lane. Springtime brings with it promises of freshness and newness. Baby animals, fun girly dresses, beautiful spring flowers – and fond memories. It’s no wonder that so many people find spring to be their favorite time of the year overall.

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