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Swimming is a great way of getting fit and is enjoyable for all ages. The HomeSwimmer Portable Stationary Swimming System is designed for anybody swimming for fun or even training for a triathlon in a small pool.

The Home Swimmer System only weighs 5lbs and packs up neatly in a carrying tote. It can be easily taken along on trips and used anywhere, e.g. in a hotel pool or at the gym. Assembly is easy and doesn’t require any tools. The system only requires 4 poles to be attached to a rubber base. Straps and a belt are used to secure it and adjust for fit. The system stands 8ft tall when assembled and is placed in the pool. It is then secured to an anchoring point, either the ground with the provided stakes, a nearby tree or even the swimming pool ladder.

Once you have put the adjustable neoprene belt around your wrist, you can start swimming in place. The system also comes with various resistances to allow for different workouts. This low impact resistance swimming develops strength and endurance, improves cardio without putting stress on joints and bones.

You can turn any pool, even the smallest home pool, into a fantastic fitness workout pool with this stationary swimming system at home or away in no time and enjoy the many benefits of swimming.

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