For the most part, if you say ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you bring up the connotation of a young child (mostly a boy) who simply cannot and will not sit still. However, the truth of the matter is that many more young girls are afflicted by ADHD than realized. Young girls grow into adult women who have not been properly diagnosed with ADHD, and this can affect them in many ways: * In their relationships with others such as a spouse, co-worker, peer, or family member * Within their workplace environment * In their education These are just a few areas where women are affected by ADHD. In addition, ADHD may show up slightly different than in men and in children. Kanken NO.2 UK Studies are beginning to show that men with ADHD may have more of the aggressive side effects than women may because men may have a tendency to be more aggressive in the first place. Men seem to be in the midst of more anger issues and insubordination conflicts with employers than women are. Fjallraven Kanken UK However, women seem to have their own personal issues with ADHD. Some of those issues are as follows: * More problems with overeating and obesity * Higher risk for disease such as diabetes and heart attack due to poor eating habits * Insecurity due to low self-esteem * Anger and depression due to that low self-esteem Men seem to have their issues more outside of the home environment such as when driving in traffic or at the work place, whereas it seems that women have more of their problems at home. Mochilas Kanken España For women who are prone to low self-esteem, poor eating habits, diet and nutritional difficulties, and depression, it may be worthwhile to explore as much information as possible about ADHD. Fjallraven Kanken Big Sale You never know, it may be the missing piece to the puzzle. Some women have felt for a very long time that they have been forgetful, unable to concentrate and focus, and lack discipline. Mochilas Fjallraven Kanken Classic This can be a direct result of having ADHD and not being diagnosed. nike air max thea Not being diagnosed can lead to depression and overeating. It is worth the effort to dive into the symptoms of ADHD and speaking to your doctor about it. Mochilas Kanken It is not necessary to research too heavily and convince yourself that you have ADHD, rather it is simply important to look into the situation and arm yourself with a little bit of knowledge and a few questions about ADHD.

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