When you work outside of the home, you may bring work home or postpone activities with your family so you can work late. You know there has to be a better way. Consider trying one of these ten ways of better work/life balance so you’re not torn between the two.

1. Prioritize what’s important – Before you can have a more balanced life, you’ll want to know what things are important and learn how to prioritize them. Focus on your family before work. Don’t let your boss bully you into working late if you already have a family activity planned.

2. Drop activities that are too much – Check your calendar to see what’s upcoming. To free up time, drop any activities that make your schedule too busy or that aren’t necessary. Try to limit activities to only one for each child.

3. Learn to say “no” – Remember it’s alright to say no if your boss asks you to stay late. If they offer you overtime work, tell them thank you but you have plans you can’t break it. Ask them if you can work overtime on another date.

4. Plan for the future – Take time to get away for a day or weekend to plan, dream, or just relax. Give yourself an opportunity to look forward to what the future can hold when your work and life are more balanced.

5. Reduce clutter – Try to clean your desk off completely before leaving work on Friday. Put all important dates on a centralized calendar and get rid of the papers. Organize your office and home as well as reduce clutter to give you more time to do things you want.

6. Plan time for yourself – Don’t neglect yourself while focusing on work and family. Taking time out for yourself will help you be a better parent, a better partner, and a better employee.

7. Get help when needed – Don’t be afraid to get help when needed. Hire a babysitter or ask grandparents to take the children while you’re working. Do you work from home? Find a virtual assistant or hire someone to do work for you while you attend to family needs.

8. Know your limits – There’s no such person as Superman or Superwoman. You’re not able to do everything without something having to give; most of the time the thing that gives is your health.

9. Plan for balance – Unexpected things may happen, but if you put time for you to enjoy a hobby or spend time goofing off with your children on your calendar and guard that time, you’re more likely to actually make those plans possible.

10. Ask your employer about flex time. Some employers offer flex time where you work overtime without pay so you can take time off at a future date. It can’t hurt to ask your employer about this. The worse they can do is tell you it’s not available.

These ten ways of better work/life balance are a few of the many changes to consider if you’re working too much. You may feel the need to work but there’s no reason it should take over your life. Using one or more of these ideas may help you get your priorities in order and give you more time to spend with your family.

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