My friend Lisa over at the Educational Toy Factory just shared a really great website with me. She and her family are on their way to Disney World and she’s looking to save a little cash while she’s there. nike x fragment It’s a good idea to plan ahead when you’re heading there definitely. nike air max 95 My husband and I used to joke that when you drive over the state line and see the “Welcome to Florida” sign they should add the tag line “Have your credit card in hand at all times – you’re gonna need it.” because it felt like money was just sucking out of our account from the moment we drove over the line until the moment we left the state. air max thea pas cher Disney has some great family deals already to keep the costs down so make sure you do your research but this site: looks like a real treasure. nike air tn When you click on that link it’ll take you to the meals page but the site is just full of other ways to keep a little extra money in your pocket during your time with Mickey Mouse and his friends. nike air max 97 Click here to visit and find out more.

1 thought on “Save Money while at Disney

  1. Now that we are back from Disney I thought that I would stop in and let you know that all the research I did at MouseSavers really paid off.

    I have so say that my favorite tip for lunch for the kids was to order a double burger. Then, you can order an extra bun for $0.80. Make the double into two single burger, go to the fixin’s bar and add the toppings for each!

    It’s a pretty good savings over buying two single burgers.

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