I don’t know about you but we are itching for spring here in the midwest. There are still patches of the cold white stuff on our grass and it’s still pretty cold outside so we’ll be waiting for a few more weeks but signs of it continue to appear – geese flying north, the yellow finches are looking more yellow than brown, buds are appearing on our lilac bushes (yay!). When we see the first robin, we know we’ll be home free!

Robin This year, why not start a nature journal with your little ones during the spring months. It’s a great way to get outdoors and learn while you play and it’s easy!

You can use anything… a 3 ring notebook, an official journal or just some sheets of paper that you staple together.

Just go outside together with paper and pen in hand, bring along some crayons or colored pencils and observe. Or even easier, bring the camera if your child doesn’t like to draw.

Ask your preschooler about the things you see, snap a picture of it and then write down as she dictates to you her thoughts on it.  Later print out the pictures (even just on regular paper) and copy her comments next to the print.  Voila – a nature notebook is born.

Add to the notebook throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter!  It’s a great excuse to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and  learn at the same time.

We’ll post some specific things to look for in the next post!  Enjoy!

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