I guess it would have been therapeutic and cathartic to have shared with people about the night that my father in law babysat for us and I was so shocked when I called home and he told me that the kids went right to bed and he hadn’t heard anymore out of them.

When I got home I found that Riley hadn’t gone right to sleep but instead had rearranged her room.  This was quite some feat for a 2 year old!  But, the surprises did not stop there!!

When I went in to check on Noah I found my bright eyed and bushy tailed kid in bed.  With some dirt.  A lot of dirt.  He was crying because he didn’t want his truck to get run over.  In the end I finally figured out that he had gone downstairs, out the front door, and across the street to play in the dirt.

He had brought some back in the house and then gone out for more.  He even got to see the red lights on cars that passed him.  And he built this really cool volcano out of the mulch around the tree in the front yard too!  But, I didn’t share that one.

I just made a mental note to fire the babysitter.  Although, I will tell you it is not very satisfying to mentally fire someone who works for free!

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