How about the time that my husband was watching them and working on our computer and realized too late that they were quiet.

Now, as you and every other mother know, that is always bad.  Anyway, that time they got a batch of Sesame Street cupcakes off the counter and went under the dining room table to eat them…off of the upholstered chairs.

While my husband was attempting to get the Elmo red, Cookie Monster blue, and Big Bird yellow (see you thought that the type of cupcake was a trivial fact) icing out of upholstery he failed to realize that they were laughing hysterically.

If silence is very bad, laughing should strike terror in your heart.  This is when I came home.  I found them under the kitchen table with a pound of sugar.  Thankfully, it was granulated and not powdered.

This story, however, does have silver lining.  My husband has never again questioned why I never get any housework done.

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