How To Have Silky Hair
by Riley
age 2 1/2

First, have your big brother get a sticky mouse trap (you know, one of those that the mice stick to that are really, really sticky and gooey) out of your closet and put it in your hair.

Next, have your mommy pull it out of your hair while trying not to hurt you or snatch you bald.

Then, have her try to get the sticky stuff out of your hair with Goo Gone.  TIP:  You might want to have your brother hold your hand because this might hurt.

The next step is to have your mommy wash your hair in the bathtub to get the oily Goo Gone out of your hair.  Here is the best process to use for this:

1.  Wash with baby shampoo.
2.  See if brush will go through hair.
3.  If not, try detangler spray.
4.  Should this also fail, have Mommy pour Goo Gone directly into hair.  Note:  Goo Gone does not have directions for removing goo from hair so just trust me on this.
5.  Repeat step 1, rinse.
6.  Try detangler spray again.

Brush should go through hair with ease now.  You will have beautiful, silky, smooth hair!

Stay tuned for more beauty tips!  As my brother comes up with new ways to torment me I’ll keep you posted!

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