You’ve seen them on television and in the movies. Towel-covered women are relaxing, mud on their face, while a therapist is giving them a massage. It looks like heaven and that’s why a trip to the spa can be stress-relieving; when your treatments are over, you feel like a million dollars.

Think of how you feel after a long, stressful day at work or at home with sick children. Your muscles ache and your head pounds. All you want is a few moments of peace to yourself.

Well, why not take the time and pamper yourself? Make an appointment at a day spa and treat yourself to much-needed time to relax and recoup. When you return home, your family may think someone else has walked through the door.

Mainly women visit day spas, but that doesn’t mean men aren’t allowed. In fact, many day spas are beginning to offer their services to men because they can benefit from similar treatments, too. You could find someone to mind the children, if you have them, and you and your partner go for a day at the spa together.

Why are you less stressed after a trip to the spa? Look at the physiology of stress. The muscles tense up, blood circulation may slow due to restriction of blood vessels, and you may even develop a headache.

When you go to a spa, the staff is dedicated to helping your stress symptoms disappear. A massage by a trained masseuse can loosen your muscles, improve circulation, and energize you. You’ll feel like a new person after your massage and may wonder what took you so long to avail yourself to this service.

The other services offered by day spas are also designed to help you relax. They may use smells and aromas which induce relaxation, as well as sounds which are soothing and quieten a racing mind. Their entire goal is to reduce your stress level and pamper you.

Some spas offer exercise or yoga classes. These may help you learn to deal with stress in a proactive way rather than a reactive one. Meditation, yoga, or martial arts all offer a way to handle daily stress. If these classes aren’t offered, the staff may be able to suggest classes which are offered off-site.

You may also note the addition of a water feature in most spas. Either they will have a water fountain in their facility or there will be the sound of water playing in the background. The sound of water gently cascading down rocks or down a quiet stream can be very relaxing. Since the spa’s goal is to help you relax, they will most likely have one of these features. Why not find and set up a fountain in your home to help you experience the same type of peace and relaxation the fountain affords?

Everything about a day spa is meant to help you relax and de-stress. From the colors of the rooms, the lights, and furnishings to the sights, sounds, and smells, the goal is to produce a sense of calm in their clients. If you’ve been tense lately, consider these reasons why a trip to the spa can be stress-relieving and then go make an appointment. You deserve it!

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