Just a quick note. We’ve talked about the benefits of menu planning before and my friends over at DineWithoutWhine have offered my ParentingZoo readers a special 25% coupon code on their fabulous subscription services. 25% off – that’s fabulous!

If you’ve never heard about DineWithoutWhine, let me tell you – it’s really great. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to win a 6 month subscription and I was hooked! I loved getting menus for the whole week in my inbox every week – complete with a shopping list. I’d just print off the list, mark off what I already had in the house and run to the store (or order on Peapod – I love Peapod!). Half the dinnertime battle was done by just knowing ahead of time what we’d be having. The easy (and fun) part of actually making the meals was effortless now that i didn’t have to think about what to make. I love this service!

Anyway go check them out by clicking on this banner and use our coupon code A54D for that extra 25% off:
Dine Without Whine - Menu Planning

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