Wow am I ever excited! My friend Christina over at just put out a new resource for moms of elementary age kids chock full of ideas to keep your kids active and busy over the summer months (and not in front of the video games!) YAY! Although she’s geared it towards older kids, nike pas cher I know that her ideas and hints will be of great use to preschoolers and toddlers too as well as families with multiple aged kids! Each week of the summer in your inbox you’ll get some great tips on keeping the kids busy and she’s even included 2 bonus reports – one on connecting with the family and a toy guide.

1 thought on “Surviving the summer at home

  1. Thanks so much for the shout, Annette! I’m having so much fun planning out the reports and these activities can definitely be done by younger kids! The idea is getting parents and kids involved together so just let your toddlers do as much or as little as they are capable.

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