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Am I ever excited! A few weeks ago I got in the mail this fun CD that’s all colorful and cute called “Be The Tree” by a new group called “Boy in the Shade”. The girls and I popped it in the CD player in the car to take a listen and although they kind of rolled their eyes (they’re a little older than preschoolers now, remember, they’re in their teen years) we all giggled and laughed at the fun tunes and adorable words of the songs that were playing – me in particular.

I remember the days when my girls were little, listening to the same kiddy songs over and over. I do believe that repetition is a good thing for the preschool age group but after a while it can drive a mommy just a bit batty.

That’s where these guys come in. The music and the words of these songs, though geared toward the preschool ages, are still enjoyable for a mom (and dad) too.

So I was thrilled when the two founders of this group agreed to get on the phone with me and talk about their project. You’ll enjoy the interview. These guys love kids and love music. And they have a passion for helping kids develop a love for music through their work together. They’ve involved their families in the project on all levels too – I just really appreciate what they’re doing and am glad to spread the word about them.

We’ve put a couple of song snippets in there too so you can hear a bit of the music on the CD and even better – I’ve got a CD to give away to one of our readers/listeners!

First, here’s the interview:


If you want to find out more about Griffin and Steve and their Boy in the Shade project visit their website when you go to You can read more about their upcoming live shows, future projects as well as learn more about how these guys got together to create the Boy In The Shade brand.

and here’s where you can purchase Be The Tree on Amazon:


And now to get in on the contest to get your very own copy of “Be The Tree” by Boy in the Shade for free from us, just comment below.

AND if you want to supercharge your chances of winning, comment below with the answer to ONE of the following questions answered in the audio interview – then your entry will count for 5 entries instead of one!

1. How old are Steve’s kids?


2. What is Griffin’s favorite Boy in the Shade Song


3. Name one song from the Be The Tree CD that we played during the podcast


4. How many times do I say “Album” instead of CD when referring to a little disc that plays music? 🙂

Only one entry per person please and we’ll announce a winner on October 10th! Spread the word!

10 thoughts on “Fun and fabulous music for preschoolers

  1. That is a GREAT CD!!! “Playing in the bathtime” little snip that you played in the podcast!! It is hard to find music for kids that is not terribly “cheesy”..THIS ONE DOES IT!! Th preview was super!! Thanks!! and we wouldn’t mind to get a free copy for our little preschooler who absolutely LOVES music. I know, all babies/kids love music, but really you should see out little one!!

  2. It’s really an adorable CD Angela! Thanks for listening and you’re entered in the contest!

  3. Playin’ in the Bathtub (very cute). My son loves music and he’s got a birthday coming… this would be a nice gift!

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