So if you read this post (click) about our experience with the AdoramaPix website and creating a photo book, you’ll know that I was waiting for the book to actually arrive … nike dunk and it did! YAY! Considering it had to be printed and bound, it’s really quick turn-around. Very impressive. The book quality is really great, the pages are nice, the photo quality is REALLY good for this price range and overall it’s a win! We had one page that seemed a little “off” from what my daughter had put in (a sliver of an edge off) but unless you were looking for it, you can’t see it (she’s picky!) so even that wouldn’t dissuade me from giving them another try. nike air max 2015 Naturally the subject matter helps (our family trip to Italy – swoon!) and it REALLY REALLY helps to have a professional photographer take your photos, but given the quality of the photos (and the fact that a couple of pics in our book are cell phone pictures and I can’t tell the difference) I think you’ll be fine with using pics that you currently have on your phone or camera. nike air presto Some great ways to use a book service like this:

  • New baby month by month: This is a pretty popular “thing” and I think it’s a great idea. Take a photograph of your new baby every month but take it in the exact same place and in the same outfit each time so you can see how much he’s grown.
  • Birthday party summary book: Do a spread of pages for each birthday party from ages one to five (for instance) so when your child leaves home, she can take it along and share with her children and grandchildren!
  • Family portrait album: Similar to the new baby album, get shots of your family through the years and make an album with the family pictures along with individual shots of each family member.
  • Trip memories: Like our book, highlight some of your memories from a vacation you took – add some text of what you were thinking, etc., (optional) and have a book that you can leave on the coffee table and show to friends/family. Just like the old-fashioned slide shows!
  • What do you think? Do you know of other ways to keep memories using a photo book?

Most people I know have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures just hanging out on their devices. Why not do something special with the ones that matter and craft a book of your own! Let me know if you do it!

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I received credit with AdoramaPix to create a book for the purpose of this review. nike tn 2017 I was not compensated in any way nor was I required to leave a positive review. nike air presto All thoughts are my own.

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