Well, I couldn’t get through this year without at least one post on … 2020. The year of Covid-19. Whatever you think about this virus, masks, distancing, fear, health, craziness, etc., there are a few helps that don’t change when it comes to ANY type of illness.

Here are 3 biggies in brief. Like I said… study! It’s important stuff!

ONE: Immune system strength. If you “study” nothing else in the coming days after 8 months of being in this fight, this is one thing you should look at, consider, and act on.

a) It’s a system. Strengthening your immune system isn’t just about making sure your gut is healthy, or your liver is at optimum levels, it’s about the whole picture.

b) Some organs that used to be considered “throw away” are part of this important system so if you’ve had them removed, you need to work extra hard. Tonsils and appendix come to mind here.

c) Building it includes healthy eating but that’s not all. And it’s not just what you eat but what you shouldn’t eat. Yep, I’m talking about sugar. And alcohol.

d) Foods you definitely want to include are garlic, onion, ginger, as well as Vitamin C rich foods – think green leafy veggies!

e) Bone broth – SO easy to make (although you can buy it almost anywhere now too). Click here for a quick post on how to make your own bone broth easily.

TWO: Supplements – while food can be the primary worker to strengthen your immune system, supplements can help too. The ones in my cabinet always are:

a) Vitamin C – liposomal

b) Ionic Zinc (or tablets here)

c) Vitamin D3

THREE: Herbal help

a) Virattack – I discovered this wonder years ago when SARS was a thing. Any time I’m starting to feel any kind of yucky, I take this. It has a ton of great stuff in it, including echinacia

b) Elderberry – I prefer a tincture that I buy (click) or make myself (see my friend Jacque’s recipe here) but there are also gummies (click), syrup (click) and other options too.

c) Allibiotic – all kinds of good stuff all in one capsule! Great to have on hand or for traveling.

d) Cyclone Cider – This is a great little bonus bottle of health just to keep on hand for when you feel a sore throat coming on or even just to add to some V8 or tomato juice for a spicy tasty (and healthy) drink.

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