I love to make my own bone broth especially in the fall and winter. And it really is easy. All you need is a crock pot, a chicken, and some leftover veggie scraps.

Crock pot: I like to use my 8 quart pot, on low, for this.

Chicken (or Turkey): Of course if you can find organic, that’s best but go with what you’ve got. Get a whole one or cut up pieces. Or take the bones of the picked off carcass of one of those yummy roasted chickens you get from Sam’s Club or Costco. The turkey bones from Thanksgiving or Christmas work great for this too.

Veggie scraps: Don’t throw away your onion ends and/or skins, carrot peels, or celery ends or any other part of the veggies that you cut off because you normally wouldn’t eat them. Save them in a freezer bag in the freezer and then pull them out for this.

Now, comes the really simple part. Dump your whole chicken or the leftover bones or both into your crock pot. Dump all the veggie scraps on top. Fill the pot with fresh filtered water to cover up the chicken or bones. Plug in your crock pot and let that baby simmer on low for 24-48 hours. If too much water evaporates, just add some.

Then strain out all the bones and veggies, pick off any good meat left and save that for another recipe, and strain the bone broth into mason jars and refrigerate or freeze.

When you’re ready to sip some of that delicious, healing broth, squeeze a small garlic clove into a big mug, add 1/2-1 teaspoon of salt and pour some heated broth over the top. Let the garlic steep in there for a bit and then sip away. Mmmmmm….

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