Family TogethernessMy twitter friend Deb Ng posted a quick and easy post listing 26 free things you can do this weekend as a family. I’d like to add that you don’t have to limit yourself to just the weekend for some of these great ideas!

Click HERE to see Deb’s list.

I just want to comment on two of them for now:

1. Have a family sing along. Phew this was a hard one for us to start doing. We felt all uncomfortable and nervous about how we sounded when we sang, etc. But after we did it the first time we found out – hey, this is really FUN! Our daughters both play piano so that helps and we love to sing old hymns. A side benefit to it just being a fun thing to do together is that the girls (and us) learned how to sing in harmony – a great challenge for the brain! 🙂

Family Walking

2. Turn out the lights and tell stories. My kids still love this but when they were younger they thought this was the BEST! There’s something about candlelight that makes for tremendous family conversation. Maybe because it’s that you’re not so “exposed” – but it’s really great. When we do this as a family we always say “we should do this more often!” Think of all the money we’re saving on the electricity bill too!

What about you? Do you have other free things that you do as a family? I’d love to hear!

Thanks again, Deb, for the great list! Check it out by clicking HERE.

1 thought on “Fun Free activities to enjoy this weekend (and during the week too!)

  1. Thank you!

    One other thing we do some nights is turn off all the lights and play hide and seek. As you can imagine one can hide better in the dark. My son loves doing this.

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