Home birthday parties are a great money saving alternative

Although a quick glance through internet blogs, websites and news stories will bring up everything from celebrity high ticket birthday parties to moms who try to one up each other for the most elaborate celebration for their one year old, for your average parent, hosting a child’s birthday party at home is definitely the best way to celebrate the special day.

24 Reasons to Gather Around the Dinner Table

How often does your family have dinner together? If you’re like most families nowadays, the answer is probably, “Not very often.”

It’s understandable. Modern families are busy. Both parents work and sometimes get home at different times. Children have activities to go to, and Mom’s got to drive them all over the place. Really, who’s got the time and energy to even cook dinner every single night?

You, that’s who! Eating

How to Make a Cloud Picture

A cloud picture is the perfect activity for a warm summer day! Most children love to get their hands dirty while making crafts. They love the feel of finger paints oozing between their fingers and really don’t mind having glitter all over them. Some even think it’s fun!

Because this craft can get just a little (or a lot) messy, you might want to make this an outdoor craft project at the picnic table or even on a large bedsheet on the grass. (use a sheet you don’t mind getting dirty!) We’ve also used flattened out large cardboard boxes as seats and tables in the

Swimming Aids and Safety

Any parent that spends time with their children around water knows how important it is that their children learn to swim. However, when those children are very young, it will take some time for them to learn swimming well enough for safety. Using swimming aids and safety measures to protect young children may safeguard them, but are they as helpful as they are thought to be?

Babies can actually learn to swim at pretty early ages. However, if you have not yet taught them or don’t have baby swimming classes available to you, you may

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