4th July Recipe Cookbook (Kindle Version)

Are you planning on hosting a 4th July party this year? There is lots to think about to plan this joyful occasion – not only will you want to decorate your home and backyard, but you also want to serve delicious and convenient 4th July food. Independence parties are usually very informal occasions and are celebrated al fresco- style with the help of the BBQ.

Potty Tots Potty Training Program

PhotobucketI recently received a great package in the mail from the folks over at Potty Tots. What a great system they have for helping your little one to transition to going on the potty. They’ve thought of everything.

The video is adorable, the books engaging and the system is very smart. Take a look for yourself. Just click on the images below to find out more about each of the kits:

Potty Tots for Boys:

Potty Tots for Girls:

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